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Rich Davis Music logoThe whole idea about this project was for me to be as self-sufficient as possible.

After being in bands with other members my whole career, it was time to take on something that was all me, and moved at my pace. I wanted to not only play all the instruments, but also do everything else that went along with it. I wanted to take on the recording end of things, the mixing, mastering, and eventually shooting my very own videos. The most important part: pushing the shit out of each song as it was completed.

What I thought was so important was being visible - staying as current as I could. Releasing songs fast and pushing them on cool websites, magazines and everywhere else I could get my music. The music business is so tough and there is so much talented bands out there the only way to make even the smallest ripple is to put out new music fast, fast, fast. So that's what I've been doing. Continue reading

Rich Davis
Rich Davis
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Rich Davis

Now on the self-sufficient side of things, being a jack of all trades has it's pitfalls. Production in this style of music is very important, and with me doing the recording and mastering of the songs there has been a huge learning curve.

As you listen to my songs starting with "Never Say Die" there has been a definite improvement in my mixing and mastering as production moved along. But that was how I learned. Some songs sounded ok and some just sounded awful. As my name started to get out there I knew I needed to step up my productions with my songs. So for the last two songs I reached out for some help. I thought it was time to reach out to my long time friend Drew Mazurek, to help me take my songs to a place I couldn't take them alone. Of course he did a fantastic job, as I knew he would.

As I was putting out my singles every month or so I was contacted by the owner of Crushing Notes Entertainment, Dan Dombovy. He was very fond of my music and wanted to see if there was anything he could do to help. We talked on the phone many times, and we really hit it off. He offered to bring me out to Las Vegas where his label is located and put me on his metal radio station and to talk about signing to Crushing Notes, and of course I said yes. Ever since signing with them we've been focusing on putting the coolest package together that we can. Knowing that I've been putting out so many songs and cool videos it just had to be a DVD/CD package. Thats where the "Not Dead Yet" started.

Follow me through a metal journey of my videos and songs. But be warned.. This is not for the faint of heart. Parental Guidance is suggested... LOL


Not Dead Yet - Debut DVD/CD Combo Release

The new "Not Dead Yet" package is hands down my personal greatest achievement in my musical career, and I'm so proud to be able to debut this with my new label Crushing Notes Entertainment. Everything is here for you to listen to and to watch. And of course I hope that if you like what you see that you pick up your very own copy. Also check out the Making of a Heavy Metal Song/Video - 1 thru 5 to see all the behind the scenes of how the Re-Animated song and video came to life. Enjoy!

Rich Davis: Not Dead Yet DVD/CD
Rich Davis: Not Dead Yet DVD/CD
Rich Davis: Not Dead Yet DVD/CD back cover

DVD Tracks

1. Re-Animated

2. Mantra

3. Big Bad Wolf

4. Past Tense

5.Death Star

6. Faceless

7. Troublemaker (GTA)

8. 13

9. Evolution (Video Retrospect)

CD Tracks

1. Re-Animated

2. Mantra

3. Big Bad Wolf

4. Tyrants of Armageddon

5. Control

6. Past Tense

7. Death Star

8. Faceless

9. Troublemaker (GTA)

10. 13

11. King of the Hill

12. Cancer

13. Malcontent

14. Evolution

The Making of a Heavy Metal Song/Video - 1 Thru 5

The Making of a Heavy Metal Song/Video was something Crushing Notes Entertainment thought might be interesting. I would document my process of recording and creating songs in the studio, and then continuing on with the making of the video, then on to how I've pushed my own music. The process basically stays the same from song to song. So, now that I'm finished with Re-Animated I wipe out my computer and start again.

Rich Davis - Making of Not Dead Yet #5
Rich Davis - Making of Not Dead Yet #4
Rich Davis - Making of Not Dead Yet #3
Rich Davis - Making of Not Dead Yet #2
Rich Davis - Making of Not Dead Yet #1

Rich Davis Releases

Rich Davis: A World in Kaoss Rich Davis: Dr. Me Rich Davis: Beauty In Ruin Rich Davis: Re-Animated Rich Davis: Mantra Rich Davis: Big Bad Wolf Rich Davis: Control Rich Davis: Tyrants of Armageddon v.2 Rich Davis: Tyrants of Armageddon Rich Davis: Past Tense Rich Davis: Death Star Rich Davis: Faceless Rich Davis: Past Troublemaker (GTA) Rich Davis: 13 Rich Davis: Evolution Rich Davis: King of the Hill Rich Davis: Dr. Jekyll Rich Davis: Cancer Rich Davis: Frequency Rich Davis: Malcontent Rich Davis: Believer Rich Davis: Immortan Rich Davis: Into the Unknown Rich Davis: Worlds at War Rich Davis: Alpha Waves Rich Davis: Never Say Die


Introducing: A World in Kaoss

After the release of my song "Dr. Me..." I struggled for inspiration for a couple of weeks. I just felt like I'd run out of ideas. I would pick up my guitar and within a couple of minutes I'd just put it down in disgust. I honestly felt I had lost that loving feeling.

But after clearing my head for a couple of weeks was somehow I drawn back to that damn guitar, but still without the inspiration for a song. I thought maybe I should go walk around my local music store and just see what caught my eye...something that could be the hook or a direction for a song.

The owner of the store was showing me some strange things that might be what I was looking for, and he pulled out the Korg Kaossilator. Now, I was familiar with the Kaoss pads; I have a different version of that effect that I used on my song "Faceless" and I thought this could be cool. So when I got it all plugged into my studio I realized that like the other Kaoss pad its not a very musical instrument to play. You play it by touching the tracking pad, but the pad is only 2 There are parts in the middle of the song that I had to use two pencils to tap at the exact spot to hit the notes that I wanted. Not easy or fun! LOL

So thats how I found my little bit of inspiration for the song. As for the video. That was easy. It's a Kaoss pad, so thats where "A World in Kaoss" came from. The video concept is: I noticed these strange lights coming out of the FX, and when I touched it I was pulled into this post apocalyptic world. You know, the same place I spend a lot of time in all my videos. Ha-ha!

Well at the end of the song, yes... I did actually throw the Kaossilator into the water. But for all you conservationists don't worry. In the next video who knows, maybe I'll grab a scuba outfit and go find it.... I know exactly where it is.... I hope you enjoy the video!

Rich Davis - A World in Kaoss
Rich Davis - Dr. Me video
Rich Davis - Beauty In Ruin video
Rich Davis - Re-Animated video
Rich Davis - Mantra video
Rich Davis - Big Bad Wolf video
Rich Davis - Past Tense video
Rich Davis - Death Star video
Rich Davis - Faceless video
Rich Davis - Troublemaker (GTA) video
Rich Davis - 13 video
Rich Davis - Retrospect video
Rich Davis - Making of a Heavy Metal Song/Video #5
Rich Davis - Making of a Heavy Metal Song/Video #4
Rich Davis - Making of a Heavy Metal Song/Video #3
Rich Davis - Making of a Heavy Metal Song/Video #2
Rich Davis - Making of a Heavy Metal Song/Video #1


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