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Mystic-Force logoMystic-Force was formed in 1984 by bassist Keith Menser and myself and spanned an over a 20-year career. We hit the Baltimore club scene in the early years as a cover band playing all of the heaviest metal bands of the day. We soon realized that going all-original was the way to get out of just being a local cookie cutter band.

As soon as we made the change we focused on getting our music out as far and wide as we possible could. Looking back at out discography, it sure looks like we did exactly that. We had the privilege of touring with some of our favorite bands like Pantera, Fates Warning, Savatage, Crimson Glory and more. We were also honored to be on many CD compilations with huge bands like Metallica, Slayer, Pantera and many, many more.

Mystic-Force will always be a huge part of who I am now, and a key to how I was able to start out with such a great foundation in my musical career. All the memories and relationships formed back then will always stay with me and keep me humble.

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Mystic-Force Releases

When Mystic-Force first started playing the club scene here in Baltimore Maryland, we didn't know it at the time but the music scene in Baltimore was totally fucking huge. So many kick-ass clubs to play in, and all the best national acts were going up and down the east coast. We really lucked out!

We came on to the club scene in the late 80's and the local bad boys here were Baltimore's "Wrathchild". This is where we learned how to put on a live show. These guys would blow your mind. Great live band. Along with the cool clubscame all of our favorite bands. And guess who gets to play with them? It was either Wrathchild or us - or both. Some of my favorite shows were: the couple we did with Pantera, all the ones we did with Fates Warning, and all the ones with (another one of my all time favorite live bands) "Savatage". Man, that was an unbelievable time! We got to play with so many bad-ass bands. Including playing with "Crimson Glory" for a couple shows when they were supporting their "Transcendence" CD. Another great live band.

But what we did the most was to rent a hall every couple months, get a few of our local kick-ass metal bands to join us, and throw a blow-out keg party. Imagine the total mayhem at these hall parties. What great times!

As the years moved, on Keith had an idea of throwing a weekend event and bringing great bands from overseas to the US. We always tried to get bands together and to work together. But as I remember, we were the only ones doing that. I don't recall getting other bands inviting us over their way that much. I think Keith had a great idea. Cheers my friend.

Mystic-Force - Man vs. Machine Mystic-Force - A Step Beyond Mystic-Force - Eternal Quest Mystic-Force - Take Command Mystic-Force - Take Command Mystic-Force - Another World Mystic-Force - Shipwrecked with the Wicked Mystic-Force - Shipwrecked with the Wicked Mystic-Force - Shipwrecked with the Wicked limited edition Mystic-Force - Stagestruck Live


I gotta tell you... I haven't gone through all of this stuff in a long time, but I'm so glad I'm building this web site. It is giving me a chance to look back at all the cool things that Mystic-Force got to be a part of. Every one of these comps with Mystic-Force on them happened because my bass player Keith Mensor was a freakin' promotional machine. Some of these are really a big deal. I think the coolest has to be the "Grim Harvest" Metal Massacre box set that has Metallica "Hit The Lights", Slayer "Aggressive Perfector", and Mystic-Force "Shipwrecked with the Wicked" all in the same box. Or maybe the Foundation Forum '90, that has Queensryche "Empire", Extreme "Get the Funk Out", Megadeath "Holy Wars", Pantera "Primal Concrete Sledge", and...what? Yep! Mystic-Force "Shipwrecked With the Wicked" LOL!

But then right after the coolness of being on the same CD with super huge bands was the "Steps to a New Machine" CD put out by "Metal Invader Magazine" out of Greece. They did a big spread on Mystic-Force, as well as putting together this super cool CD with 4 of our song, plus 3 cover songs we had recorded for other tributes. It was definitely one of my top favorite comps that we were on. That's just mentioning a few. All of them are cool in their own way. To this day I try and get each one of my singles on different comps. I think is kind of cool - but what the fuck do I know?!

Mystic-Force - Compilation: Grim Harvest Mystic-Force - Compilation: Grim Harvest Mystic-Force - Compilation: Metal Massacre XI Mystic-Force - Compilation: Metal Massacre XI tape Mystic-Force - Compilation: Foundations Forum 90 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Steps to a New Machine Mystic-Force - Compilation: Heavy Metal Crusade v1 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Max Rock On Music Mystic-Force - Compilation: Molten Metal Monsters Mystic-Force - Compilation: PMC 1993 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Foundations Forum 94 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Powerload 4 Rok Sampler Mystic-Force - Compilation: Powerload 5 Rok Sampler Mystic-Force - Compilation: Foundations Forum 96 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Metal Fest Magazine - Music to Control the Weak Mystic-Force - Compilation: The Resurection of True Metal Volume 1 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Ball Buster Ball One Mystic-Force - Compilation: Powermad 97 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Weird Thoughts v1 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Powermad 98 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Powerquest The Awakening Mystic-Force - Compilation: Powermad 99 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Powermad 2000 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Powermad 2001 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Ball Buster Ball One Strike Two Mystic-Force - Compilation: Baltimore Area Rock Expo Mystic-Force - Compilation: Evolution Fields Mystic-Force - Compilation: Nuova Era Volgare 1.0 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Transcending the Mundane Mystic-Force - Compilation: Global Conection - Volume 1 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Global Conection - Volume 2 Mystic-Force - Compilation: Global Conection - Volume 3


Mystic-Force - A Call to Irons: A Tribute to Iron Maiden Mystic-Force - A Call to Irons (Vol 1+2): A Tribute to Iron Maiden Mystic-Force - The Unholy Sounds of the Demon Bells: Mercyful Fate Tribute Mystic-Force - The Unholy Sounds of the Demon Bells: Mercyful Fate Tribute Mystic-Force - Phantom Lords: A Tribute to Metallica Mystic-Force - Warning: Minds of Raging Empires...Tribute to Queeensryche Mystic-Force - Another Piece of Metal: Scorpions Tribute


So sorry about the quality on this video, LOL. but this is the only video that I could find anywhere that shows our cool stage show back in the early 90s'. This was taken at the famous Baltimore Maryland Hammerjacks night club that was featured in the "Iron Maiden: Somewhere in Time" art. It is so amazing how bad this footage is. I mean it was the 90's not the 30's. Anyway I wish the quality was a bit better. We had an 8' tall drum riser that we came running out of, ramps to platforms with all the Marshall stacks on them, and 25' tall turrets on each side of the platforms that lit up. We had a monk that came out during the intro that would point to two torches on the drum riser that would light on fire triggered by an electrical spark. We had a ton of flash pots, a home made dry ice machine, a chemical fog machine I mean, we went all out. What a great time. Our crew got so good at setting that stage up that they could do it all in about 15 min. Crazy!


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Grim Harvest-11 CD Box Set

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